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Physical Education

"A healthy body and mind are key to the development of children’s physical, mental, social and emotional well-being.  PE and School Sport form a critical element of this development and are proven to provide wide-ranging benefits.  At Holy Trinity, we are committed to giving every child the opportunity to develop the physical confidence and competence to enjoy being physically active; we aim to spark within the children a passion for sport and physical activity that will last for the rest of their lives.

Our children will learn the fundamental movement skills which underpin all physical activity.  This allows them to then develop their knowledge and ability in a wide range of sports, from the creativity, control and expression of gymnastics and dance; the teamwork, tactics and sportsmanship of team games; the hand-eye coordination of striking, fielding and racquet sports; to the essential life-skill of swimming.

Within our PE curriculum we also have a strong commitment to competitive sport and strive to ensure all children have to opportunity to experience competition.  This takes the form of ‘personal best’ challenges; intra-school competition within and between classes and houses; and inter-school competition with children from schools across the region.  Through the experience of competition, our aim is that all children develop a desire for self-improvement, as well as the key values of sportsmanship - being able to both win and lose with humility.

Finally, PE and School Sport at Holy Trinity forms a key element in our development of the whole child and walks hand-in-hand with our Christian Ethos.  Through PE we develop children’s leadership, communication, independence, cooperation, trust, sense of responsibility and their respect for others; values that ensure the children are well-rounded individuals, equipped for life’s challenges."

Mrs Peers, P.E. Lead