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"Music is a universal language, accessible to everyone. It affects all aspects of our lives. Music making is a rich and diverse experience that helps to bring our pupils together in an amazing positive way.

At Holy Trinity our children will learn the fundamental ‘nuts and bolts’ of music (pulse, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, structure, timbre, texture.) They will be taught increasingly complex skills through various strands of musical learning – listening and appraising, singing, playing instruments, composing and improvising, and performing. On Friday afternoons you will find us singing!

Music from different eras in history and different genres will be explored and appreciated, children will build skills of appraisal and appreciation, noting individual likes and dislikes and respecting music making of different kinds.

We also provide rich extra-curricular experiences for our children. We perform in our church services, to local community groups, in multi-school choir concerts in our local Town Hall, and in massed choir concerts at Sheffield Arena through Young Voices. We perform musical Nativities in Foundation and Key Stage 1, and an end of year musical in Year 5 and 6. Our school Musical Extravaganza is one of the highlights of the year, where soloists, small and large groups perform on stage to each other and parents and friends.

As children use these musical skills and build on them throughout their journey at Holy Trinity to share music making with others, they will begin to experience the positive benefits of music making – team work, resilience, perseverance, respect for others, listening and concentration skills, relaxation, and enjoyment. All of these are essential life skills that transfer easily to other subjects and also into their future.

Music has the power to transform our lives!"

Mrs Boome, Music Lead