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"We believe that every child is a mathematician. Our curriculum focuses on developing fluency and reasoning, and teaching children how to problem-solve. Children have daily practice of key arithmetic skills and these encourage children to recall and apply key procedures that will enable accuracy and success during the more challenging problems they will encounter in their Maths lessons.

In our Maths lessons, children focus on one single objective for which we expect all children to achieve mastery. Lessons are carefully structured to ensure understanding builds on children’s starting points. Maths can often include some challenging, abstract concepts so lessons use different concrete and pictorial representations to underpin children’s learning. Across school, children are able to use resources such as Numicon, Base 10 blocks, and Cuisenaire rods whilst they are developing their understanding in lessons. Teachers model how to complete Maths mathematical procedures and how to reason mathematically.

Following the teacher’s instruction, children have ample guided and collaborative practice before independently practising and applying their new learning independently. In each lesson, children encounter challenging reasoning and problem-solving activities which deepen their understanding of the lesson objective. Teachers intervene daily for any child who doesn’t achieve mastery during the lesson, so that no children fall behind.

Our aim is to build children’s confidence with Maths and so our curriculum contains many opportunities for children to recall and practise their learning. We also place a great emphasis on children being able to recall key facts such as number bonds and times tables. We expect all children to be able to answer any times table fact up to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4"

Mr Wood, Maths Lead