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Internet Safety

We take Internet Safety very seriously at Holy Trinity and it forms a key part of our Safeguarding arrangements.

Internet Safety for Pupils

Every year we teach all year groups about the importance of remaining safe online and we give them rules and measures for them to follow in order to stay safe when using the Internet. These rules are reinforced across school on a daily basis to ensure Internet Safety awareness remains high profile.

Please see the Internet Safety page in Kids Zone for more information about what our pupils are learning:

Internet Safety for Parents

We regularly communicate key Internet Safety information to parents, some of which can be found in the documents section at the bottom of this page.

Parents' involvement with keeping children safe online is key as most Internet access at home does not involve the filters and other safeguarding measures that we have at school.

Click on the pic below for more information regarding Internet Safety:

Key messages from a recent Internet Safety Day

On Monday 15th February we held an Internet Safety Day in school. During the day we celebrated how fantastic the Internet is but we also focussed upon potential dangers and rules that the children can follow to stay safe. Some examples of the work children did during the day can be found on our website:

Staff were very impressed with the depth of knowledge and awareness of dangers that the children displayed throughout the day.

Some observations that staff made during the day which I’m sure you will find useful in safeguarding your children out of school:

  • A number of children have unrestricted and unsupervised access to the Internet at home which presents dangers
  • A number of children have accounts for Facebook, Instagram etc which carry age restrictions of 13 or above
  • A number of children are playing free online games out of school which are violent and unsuitable for their age
  • A number of children regularly overhear unsuitable conversations when playing games online against strangers via XBOX live, Playstation Network etc.