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"Our world is ever changing, expanding and becoming more diverse. Almost every day on the news, we hear about the future of our planet, how this will affect the next generation - our children. At Holy Trinity, we believe that it is extremely important for children to know their place in the world and understand how they can make a difference to the planet. We also strongly encourage our children to be proud of where they come from, learning about our local area of Ossett and Wakefield through fieldwork and local area studies.

Our Geography curriculum encourages children to think deeper and ask questions about the natural and physical world.  We also recognise that in our ever-changing world, it is essential for children to develop an awareness of other cultures and ways of living around the globe, in comparison to Ossett. An example of this is our fantastic link with Act Mara Primary School in Tanzania.

Staff at Holy Trinity inspire children to be curious Geographers by equipping them with the skills to create and use maps, carry out surveys and collect data through fieldwork. We study various locations around the world and encourage children to identify human and physical features.

Finally, we teach our children to love, care and respect our wonderful world." 

Miss Horner, Geography Lead