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"At Holy Trinity, we ensure that our English lessons equip children with the skills to communicate effectively, both written and orally.

English lessons may be linked to our exciting topics, to captivating texts or to current worldwide events. We hook, engage and inspire children to write and talk with a real purpose.

We  create purposeful writing opportunities for the children so that they have reason to write, that they know why they are writing and in turn know what the audience wants from them. This way the children have a real purpose to write.

In addition, we place a big emphasis on oracy. We immerse our children in vocabulary, topics, situations and big questions that encourage them to talk, discuss and gather ideas. From there we model key grammatical skills and provide opportunities for the children to practise these skills frequently in their lessons.

We provide precise feedback during lessons to give children with the next steps that accelerate progress."

Mrs Burdon, Writing Lead