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"At Holy Trinity, our writing lessons follow a carefully constructed approach, where every child is given the opportunity to immerse themselves in exciting and engaging texts, which in turn motivate our children to be wonderful authors.

We hook our children into writing through role play, drama or immersing them into text types.  Children then become ready to write, through focusing on vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting linking directly to our thorough long-term plan.

When children ‘become the author’ they are exposed to exceptional teacher modelling, they take part in engaging oracy activities and become engrossed in writing, as they become immersed in their author role.

Importantly, writing is interlinked with Read, Write Inc and Reading Beyond Phonics, where carefully selected, familiar texts drive the children’s motivation to write.  Children rely heavily on phonics taught in Read, Write Inc and strategies used in reading, to become fantastic writers from an early age.  Children explore texts and identify features and vocabulary to use, within their own writing.  Learning environments immerse children in vocabulary and support children to become confident independent writers.

At Holy Trinity we take great pride in our writing curriculum, which is precise, engaging and inspirational for all children, whilst exposing them to an array of fantastic storybooks and authors."

Mrs Burdon, Writing Lead