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At Holy Trinity, we think it is essential that pupils have a platform to voice their opinions about the issues that affect them, their school, their community and their world.  Our school council gives the children a meaningful and empowering way to share their views and provides them with purposeful leadership opportunities.


Our School Councillors are chosen by their peers to represent the views of all pupils.  Each September, the children follow a democratic process to elect their school councillors for that academic year.  The children spend time in class creating speeches, manifestos, posters or campaign videos, either individually or in campaign teams.  An election is then held to decide on a girl and boy representative from each class.  The two representatives attend regular meetings, where they raise issues and discuss how they can influence change in our school and in the wider world.  The school council create their own agenda, take minutes from each meeting and find ways to solve problems fairly.  A suggestion board is displayed in each classroom, or children can speak directly to their representative about ideas or issues they want to raise at the next meeting.  The minutes of each meeting are also displayed in each class, and the representatives are given the opportunity to hold regular discussions with their classmates.


The school council focuses on three key areas:

School projects – The councillors meet together to discuss ideas and issues within our school community such as curriculum ideas, playground equipment, school lunches and much more.


Community projects – The pupils decide on projects that can have an impact in our local community, such as fundraising, volunteering and creating links with other local community groups.


Global projects – Our councillors discuss how they can have an impact on the world, such as fundraising for global charities and thinking about environmental issues and the difference we can make at Holy Trinity. 


Miss Skipworth

School Council Teacher Representative


This Year’s School Council

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Our Current Project



Previous Projects

Improving the KS1 climbing equipment:  The school council were involved in deciding the equipment installed in the KS1 playground.  Mrs Smales, our business manager, met with the school council to talk about the budget, listen to the children’s opinions, and unveil the new designs.  The school council shared the new equipment designs with the children in KS1. 

Improving the play equipment in KS1 and KS2: Children fed back to our school councillors that they would like more equipment to use at playtimes and lunchtimes.  The school council surveyed children across school to find out the types of equipment they would like.  The councillors then put together a wishlist and met with Mrs Wray to decide on a reasonable budget.  A range of new equipment was ordered, including bats, balls, skipping ropes, and much more.


KS2 Fruit tuck shop with Sandra’s Cabbage Patch:  Children on the school council noticed that some of their peers were not bringing healthy snacks to school.  The councillors surveyed their peers and collected wrappers.  They proposed opening a tuck shop in the playground every morning, ran by the children.  The councillors surveyed pupils again to find out which fruit the children would like to be on sale.  They wrote to Sandra’s Cabbage Patch, who kindly donated the first batch of fruit.  The children decided on a reasonable price for a piece of fruit and the tuck shop was ran by pupils in Year 6. 


World Book Day Pyjama Day:  A suggestion was made by a pupil in year 4 to have a pyjama day, and the school council proposed merging World Book Day with Pyjama Day to create a ‘bedtime story’ theme.  The school councillors held a vote in each class to find out whether their classmates were interested, and each class voted for the ‘bedtime story’ theme.  On World Book Day, the children came to school dressed in their pyjamas, with their favourite teddies.  They drank hot chocolate and really enjoyed snuggling up with their favourite books!