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RSHE at Holy Trinity

“Today our children are growing up in a complex world, living their lives seamlessly on and offline.  This is positive and very exciting, but also presents children with challenges and risks.  Children need to know how to be safe and healthy, how to manage their academic, personal and social lives in a positive way.


The new RSHE curriculum puts in place the building blocks of healthy and respectful relationships and friendships, including online and safe relationships.  Mental health, including feelings of loneliness, bullying, prejudice and discrimination will also help and support our children to take care of themselves and know where to turn for support and guidance.


It is important for our children to feel unique, to understand and celebrate difference, to challenge stereotypes and to be proud of their personal identity.  They need to be prepared for the next steps in life, and the changes that come with growing up, such as feelings, physical growth, increased independence and how to deal with transition.


The RSHE curriculum is taught using story books and novels, discussions and video to increase engagement but also to develop the understanding of empathy and how to apply this in real life situations by encouraging kindness, tolerance, respect, all whilst knowing they have the freedom to speak freely in a safe and caring classroom environment."


Mrs Burdon

RSHE Leader


If you have any questions regarding the RSHE curriculum, please contact your child's class teacher or our PSHE & RSHE co-ordinator, Mrs Burdon:

Progression Map

The following document details the progression of knowledge, skills and vocabulary we expect in RSHE as children move through school:

Our RSHE Curriculum

On the pages below, you can find detailed information regarding what we teach in RSHE at each phase throughout school:

Year 4 & 5 RSHE Parent Presentation

Year 6 RSHE Parent Presentation