Holy Trinity

C of E Primary School

Pupil Voice

We regularly seek feedback from our pupils so that we can gauge the impact of our provision and further improvement it where necessary.


Here are some of their recent comments:

"Teachers deal with problems really well, like if you are feeling sad or struggling with your work"


"Lunchtime supervisors are great, they are kind and friendly"


"I like every lesson because it’s fun to do"


"We get a lot a choice and variety  like bench ball, dodgeball, basketball, netball, dancing, gymnastics, tennis, football, rugby, tennis, hockey, cricket, rounders"


"PE is brilliant, it’s over the moon, because we have the best of the best teaching, so the coaches are professional"


"We are a Christian school and it is important to learn religions and respect them"


"I love the carefree environment with all the children who are really nice"


"It’s just a really nice an fun place to be in"


"I like how big the school is we have more people to play with"


"The teachers and lunchtime supervisors are nice and really caring to you"


"You get to do fun activities and it’s not just writing"


"So many different opportunities like the radio station and the clubs are fun"


"The people around you are really kind and friendly and you have a good bond with them"


"This building is like a heart and there is inner peace and respect in the building from everybody"


"We help each other when we fall over"