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Holy Trinity C.E. (VA) Primary School Governing Body Details

Governors make an extremely valid contribution to the school’s strategic direction. They know our school very well. Governors receive regular reports from the Headteacher and various committees. Our pro-active, confident Governors undertake their own information gathering seriously and professionally (eg Health and Safety walks, Learning walks, curriculum working party meetings, visits to classrooms, visits to assemblies), charging the school with responding to any issues raised. Through its committees, the Governing Body scrutinises the work of the staff and pupils and asks challenging questions of the Senior Leadership Team and teachers. All Subject Leaders submit EOY reports to Governors so that they can measure more effectively how well the school is doing.

Governor Profiles


Name: Rachel Quayle

Role: Chair of Governors, Designated Safeguarding Lead, SEND.

Skills: Teacher, extensive knowledge of education, Safeguarding and Leadership. Ability to work as part of a team and work in a challenging but supportive way.


Name: Alison Carson

Role: Vice Chair of Governors & Foundation Governor

Skills: School Governor in excess of 6 years. Extensive FMCG commercial career, strong financial & data analysis capabilities, man-management & strategy development experience


Name: Leanne Walters

Role: Foundation Governor, Chair of Resources committee

Skills: Analytically minded, good business sense with creative ideas and have the ability to analyse data to help strengthen plans. 


Name: Lisa Flett

Role: Foundation Governor

Skills: Project management/ Business development background. Data analysis, risk management and critical thinking abilities.  Keen on Children’s wellbeing and education.



Name: Leigh Waller

Role: Foundation Governor

Skills: Teacher, EYFS Leader, knowledge of Early Years and child development. Developing Early Years provision through resourcing, audits, action plans and children’s interests.

Name: Jennifer Carrier

Role: Parent Governor

Skills: Legal training, a good business sense, eager to promote children's education and welfare. 

Name: Stacy Gott

Role: Foundation Governor

Skills: Specialises in Fitness/Physical Education and Wellbeing, 

Qualified Mental Health Therapist, Gym Owner, community support hub founder. Wants to help improve the physical and mental wellbeing of students and staff within school. 


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