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Maths at Holy Trinity

"Mathematics is an international language. It is an integral part of our lives in which we cannot live without. At Holy Trinity, we promote the applications of Maths in the wider world. We firmly believe that the mastery approach of practical, visual and abstract allows children to develop a deeper, clearer understanding of the concepts of maths. Pupils access varied fluency questions that promote a secure understanding of a Maths strand, and are encouraged to show answers in multiple ways, such as bar models and part whole models. Children are driven and determined in Maths, and challenge themselves through our range of ‘hot, super spicy and blow your mind’ activities. Pupils access problem solving and reasoning, applying their fluency skills to a wide range of contexts at a deeper level.


At Holy Trinity, we understand that pupils have strengths and areas for development in varying strands of Maths. Therefore, we use pre-learning tasks to assess children before a unit, which provides more precise teaching, and for pupils to start their challenge at their suited level for a particular objective. Post-learning tasks enable teachers and pupils to track progress at the end of a unit, and allow mathematical concepts to be embedded over time. Due to the high level of Mathematics teaching in our school, children are resilient, inquisitive and passionate about Maths."


Mrs Mullins, Mrs Burdon & Miss Fielden

Maths Leaders

Maths Online Resources








1 minute Maths (by White Rose) – this is available as an app and is the scheme that we use in school – more info below:

Topmarks (Hit the Button is a great game)

BBC Bitesize




Times Table Rockstars (Y3-6) (children have login details for this)

White Rose Maths (the scheme we follow in school)

Topmarks (Daily 10 and Hit the Button are great for practising arithmetic skills)

Maths Times Table Check Practise





Progression Map

The following document details the progression of knowledge, skills and vocabulary we expect in maths as children move through school:

Our Maths Curriculum

On the pages below, you can find information regarding what we teach in maths in each year group throughout school:

2021/22 Curriculum Policy

Our subject policies detail how our curriculum is delivered.

2021/22 Calculation Policy