Holy Trinity

C of E Primary School


History at Holy Trinity

"At Holy Trinity, we develop children’s confidence and capabilities as historians by bringing history to life through hands on, engaging and challenging experiences in the classroom, as well as educational visits.  We inspire children’s curiosity about the past by immersing them in opportunities to develop their skills for historical enquiry.  We support our children to develop a secure understanding of Ossett’s local history, Britain’s past, and that of the wider world.


Throughout our topic areas, our children develop their chronological understanding and learn how to analyse and interpret historical sources.  This supports their ability to appreciate the causes and consequences of key events in history that have influenced their lives today.  We also aim to promote an awareness of the connections between events, significant people and societies in the past and the British Values underpinning modern day life.


It is our goal that, by the time children leave our school and transition into the wider world, they have developed dynamic, enquiring minds, with the capacity to question and argue logically.  Within our exciting and meaningful units of learning, we instil an enthusiasm and thirst for finding out more that inspires the historians of the future.”


Miss Skipworth

History Leader

Progression Map

The following document details the progression of knowledge, skills and vocabulary we expect in history as children move through school:

Our History Curriculum

On the pages below, you can find detailed information regarding what we teach in history at each phase throughout school: