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C of E Primary School


French at Holy Trinity

"At Holy Trinity our MFL is French. We want to instil a love of learning languages and a fascination with how language works. It is our intention to ensure that by the end of our children’s primary education, they have acquired a solid understanding of both spoken and written French, the confidence to speak in French with others and know how important other languages can be in their future.


We aim to ensure that our pupils leave key stage 2 with a very good understanding of how to read, appreciate and respond to language from authentic sources such as stories, poems and rhymes in the foreign language. We also want them to have the confidence to write, integrating new language into previously learned language. We want them to be able to transition to KS3 with the appropriate knowledge to help move their learning forward and for them to flourish.


As a school we recognise the importance of acquiring a good solid knowledge of the language and have split teaching and learning into key headings:


  • Reading and writing
  • Speaking and listening
  • Developing grammatical understanding
  • Becoming a linguist / developing language learning strategies.


Whenever we teach a group of words or a list of vocabulary, we focus pupils’ attention on the sound-spelling link, so that pupils become increasingly confident at decoding as they move through key stage 2.


These are introduced gradually across the four years of study, with teachers identifying common sounds across a group of words either through a list, a rhyme or through song. We plan for highly engaging lessons that provide a confidence in learning vocabulary and understanding how to commit words to memory. As a result, pupils are able to confidently apply their phonic knowledge by the end of Year 6 and attempt to read unfamiliar vocabulary with increasing accuracy.


All children in KS2 have regular language lessons with their class teacher. We currently use ‘Rachel Redfearn French’ to support our teaching."


Miss Bradshaw

MFL Leader

Progression Map

The following document details the progression of knowledge, skills and vocabulary we expect in French as children move through school:

Curriculum Policy

Our subject policies detail how our curriculum is delivered.