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English at Holy Trinity

"At Holy Trinity, our main goal when it comes to English lessons is to engage, interest, immerse and hook our children in to wanting to write. We feel it is vital that we create purposeful writing opportunities for the children so that they have reason to write, that they know why they are writing and in turn know what the audience wants from them. This way the children have a real purpose to write.


English lessons may be linked to our exciting topics, to captivating texts or to current worldwide events. As mentioned, our main goal is to hook, engage and inspire children to write with a real purpose.


In addition, we place a huge emphasis on Oracy. We therefore immerse our children in vocabulary, topics, situations and big questions that encourage them to talk, discuss and gather ideas. From there we model key grammatical skills and provide opportunities for the children to practise these skills frequently in their lessons.


Holy Trinity, not only in English lessons, but all subjects, aim to create a learning environment that motivates and inspires our children to aim high and produce outstanding outcomes that they can be proud of. We achieve this by providing modelled exemplars, encouraging high expectations of vocabulary, handwriting and correct use of grammar.


Additionally, staff at Holy Trinity have high expectations of all children in their English lessons. We believe that feedback during the lesson provides effective impact upon a child’s progress therefore all staff support children in this way and our children are expected to act upon this feedback whilst it is fresh and immediately received. This supportive learning environment provides the children with many opportunities to make improvements in their writing during the lesson. Orally rehearsing and proofreading out loud is vital and encouraged daily at Holy Trinity. Planning, drafting, proofreading, editing and final publishing remain a vital sequence in our writing journey."



Mrs Dawson & Mrs Peers

English Leaders


Curriculum Policy

Our subject policies detail how our curriculum is delivered.

Progression Map

The following document details the progression of knowledge, skills and vocabulary we expect in writing as children move through school: