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6SH w/c 19.04.21

For the week commencing 19.04.21, your child's home learning will be published on this page. Please email Mr Hesketh with any questions or queries you may have about it and to submit your child's work:


If you require any resources printing for collection please contact the school office.

Fri 23rd April

English - Fri 23rd April

Maths - Fri 23rd April

Art - Fri 23rd April

Thurs 22nd April

English - Thurs 22nd April

Maths - Thurs 22nd April

PE - Thurs 22nd April - Throwing Accuracy

Weds 21st April

English - Wed 21st April

Maths - Wed 21st April

Science - Wed 21st April

Tues 20th April

English - Tue 20th April

Maths - Tue 20th April

RE - Tue 20th April

Mon 19th April


English - Mon 19th April


Maths - Mon 19th April


Geography - Mon 19th April