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Visions and Values

At Holy Trinity CE (VA) Primary School we believe that everyone needs to develop an awareness of their own spirituality, as well as respecting each other and their environment. We aim to create a community of learners, who will reach their full potential, by developing a love of learning through fun, real and meaningful experiences, which will motivate and inspire them throughout their lives.

We are committed to working in partnership in the education and development of all children and welcome parents to take advantage of the many informal and formal occasions to enhance home school relationships.


Mission Statement

Holy Trinity CE (VA) Primary School serves its community by providing an education of the highest quality.  We provide a safe, secure, welcoming and nurturing environment where everyone is valued equally.  We develop an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and promote the Christian values:


Friendship, Forgiveness, Honesty and Respect.  Through spiritual, moral, social and cultural development children of different faiths, backgrounds and abilities are encouraged to learn to live together and value the integrity of all people.


We are an integral part of the community, inspiring our children to be successful lifelong learners, effective contributors, confident individuals and responsible citizens.


We work in partnership with children, home, community and other service providers.            


We will achieve this by: -

  • enhancing personal growth
  • providing a stimulating and secure environment
  • fostering self-esteem, self-learning and self-discipline
  • delivering quality learning
  • ensuring play and learning opportunities are fun
  • developing social and moral values


By working together with: -

  • Trinity Church and the Wakefield Diocese

  • Education Ossett Community Trust ( EOCT)

  • Parents / Carers

  • Friends of Holy Trinity (PTA)
  • The Local Authority
  • Local community  and businesses

  • Other schools in Wakefield district


and by seeking a cycle of improvement in all we do.

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