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Our Governors

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Governors make an extremely valid contribution to the school’s strategic direction. They know our school very well. Governors receive regular reports from the Headteacher and various committees. Our pro-active, confident Governors undertake their own information gathering seriously and professionally (eg Health and Safety walks, Learning walks, curriculum working party meetings, visits to classrooms, visits to assemblies), charging the school with responding to any issues raised. Through its committees, the Governing Body scrutinises the work of the staff and pupils and asks challenging questions of the Senior Leadership Team and teachers. All Subject Leaders submit EOY reports to Governors so that they can measure more effectively how well the school is doing.
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Proud to be Outstanding

'Dr Andy Swallow (Chief OFSTED Inspector) was invited to visit our school on January 30th 2015 to support us with school improvement. He spent the day conducting lesson observations, scrutinising pupils' work and meeting with the Senior Leadership Team where he rigorously challenged us on our Self Evaluation judgements. The meeting was extremely positive and he was able to make a few suggestions as to where we can make further improvements.


Dr Swallow has extensive experience of leading school inspections and so it gives me great pleasure to say that in his report he summarised by saying: 'It is my opinion that Holy Trinity CE Primary School is an outstanding school.'


I am sure you will join me in celebrating this achievement and I would like to pass on huge thanks to the entire staff team on behalf of the Governing Body.  We are incredibly fortunate to have such a passionate, dedicated and hard working staff at Holy Trinity and I am sure that all parents share my appreciation and gratitude.'

Chair of Governors

My Role as a Governor

'I have been a governor at Holy Trinity School Since last September and I am thoroughly enjoying the role. Prior to my retirement in 2011, I taught at  Ossett Academy so I am delighted to have contact with children again and witness their enthusiasm for learning.


The children are taught in a stimulating environment and I am always made very welcome when I visit school. This term I have particularly enjoyed spending a morning in the Foundation Unit where I was very impressed with the activities on offer and the children's confidence and cooperation whilst playing. I also enjoyed the morning when the Hand to Mouth team visited school and we followed work stations round in the library telling the story of the Good Samaritan.


I have a particular interest in Special Educational Needs and am looking forward to working alongside Mrs Rymer (SENCO) in supporting this aspect of school improvement.'

Marian Holden

Class Assemblies

'At the end of January, I attended an excellent class assembly with children from 2LS with a focus and the theme of the Artic. The children brought this topic to life which involved information, paintings, poetry, some enactment of Earnest Shackleton, the explorer, and not forgetting a memorable Sid Shuffle from Ice Age. This involved all the children dancing & jiving to this well-known track.  


In February, I also saw a class assembly from 3/4 EC which had an Italian theme. The children in this class had worked particularly hard as they had only put the assembly together in a matter of a couple of days and we were treated to a number of facts about Italy, spoken Italian, and even a passionate Pavarotti style opera singer! The class assemblies are an invaluable demonstration of the children all engaging in a focused topic and proudly presenting what they have learnt to the whole school, the staff, and parents/carers – they are well worth attending if you are able.'

Alison Williamson