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Check out this amazing, award winning 500 word story by Izzy in year 3!!!

She received a certificate from Chris Evans for it!!



Spirit of the Lake


The magical mythical lake loomed above me as I peeked out from behind the tree.  The bark nipped at my fingers but I just did not care. I could hear the cry of birds coming from the huge silver moon; it was a full moon tonight and it shadowed on the mysterious lake.  The soft wet grass tickled my feet as I walked slowly from behind the tree.  My father let me hunt with him since my mother suddenly died, but I got lost and here I am.


I watched the ripples on the lake and thought of my mother as my eyes started to droop.  She always called me her little Em-Ems for my name is Esme; but over time she stopped calling me that and then never called me at all.  I sleepily rubbed my eyes as I noticed something clear and wispy out on the lake.  Frozen to the spot I realise what I am seeing; a Spirit!  It seemed to want me to follow so feeling strangely calm I did.


After a while I felt tired and lonely and the spirit was fading so I rested.  Sobbing quietly I wished more than ever that I had never gone hunting, I had butterflies in my tummy and felt sick with longing for my mother with her gentle laugh and clear blue eyes.


Suddenly there was a piercing, spine chilling cry, my blood ran cold and I was rooted to the spot.  I was surrounded by wolves; their glowing green eyes reflected the light of the moon, their slick grey coats shimmered in the night air.  The animals crept forwards, surely by tomorrow I’d be dead. Then I noticed one of the wolves was not in the circle, it was unusual for it had clear blue eyes.  The blue eyed wolf gnarled at the pack to back away and to my amazement they obeyed her, as frightened it would seem of this strange blue eyed creature as I was of them. 


I was breathless with relief but still lost and the spirit had vanished.   The wind pulled at my hair and everything seemed like it was looking at me as I trekked through the wood.  Finally in a clearing I saw a dark figure ahead and energy once more flowed through me, “Father” I yelled but my words were lost in the air.  Too late I realised this was not my father but a hunter from another tribe; I froze as I was surely going to be kidnapped or worse.  A low growl suddenly echoed around us, it was the wolf with the clear blue eyes.   She gnashed her teeth at the hunter until he fled, again she had saved me. Tentatively I reached out to touch her, no longer afraid, but she moved off seeming to want me to follow her.


We walked through the woods and as the moonlight left the lake we approached my village, my mother had brought me home.

Snow Journey

Slowly and delicately, elegant snowflakes danced across the front of my face. The humans gradually disappeared into a huge stone box, leaving me devastated. It was just me and my companion. Alone. As quickly as I could I observed her staring eyes, but did not stare back.

As I concentrated on the trees shivering, an icy cold breath blew my crisp white astronaut suit. I stared at her now. She smiled. Then a smile slapped onto my face. Suddenly, lots of little stars were turned off by a huge human. Darkness fell. My heart had gone. All that was left was loneliness.


A dazzling golden coin hovered on the cotton candy that drifted through the sapphire sky. The light shuddered through the crooked claws of the trees’ arms. It carried along the white waves, until it reached a foot of the broken hearted snow woman.

Blissfully, the joyful girl ripped open the dusty, chequered curtains to see the disappointed snow woman squinting at the trail in the white blanket.


Slowly, I waddled on further down the icy cold roller rink. Suddenly, I caught a loud roar behind me. Terrified and shivering with fear, I glanced behind and observed a huge monster car. Its roar became louder and louder. Diving like a dolphin out of the way, I had made it. Phew! Clutching cowardly onto a freezing arm, I dragged myself off of the cold blanket. Trembling with embarrassment still, I gaped at the glistening city, with delight. I was almost there.


Hurriedly trudging through the angry balls of snow, I thought about my companion crying back at the waves of snow. Fighting my way through the edge of the force field of snow, I ambled over to a colossal mountain of stones. Athletically scaling the giant, my heart was being raided by fear. I was halfway there.

Whilst observing the plummet down, fear enveloped me and was not escaping my shivering body. I carried on swarming the giant, cracked mountain. When I stared up into the clouds, I realised I had made it. I had conquered the beast.


As I was walking along the everlasting road, it became filled with deadly machines. Loneliness. That was all. Whilst hiding behind prison bars, I travelled on further down the Antarctica road. Still moving towards the lights, immediately the forlorn streets were flooded by buildings, which were huge. There it was. Somehow the illuminations invited me into the house of treasures.


Quietly, an orchestra played a beautiful song, while the trees brushed the sugar away. Silently, the present’s wrapper lay on the ground not moving from where it was. Standing proudly I gave a smile to her; that was when the dust, ancient curtain twitched. My creator, with delight, was in disbelief. She could not believe it, I was there.


by Charlie, year 6


 Tutankhamun's terrific tomb discovery


After an exhausting, dragged out 5 year search in the boiling heat of the Valley of kings - Luxor, Egypt - Howard Carter has finally found the forbidden tomb of an Egyptian Pharaoh. Tutankhamun's tomb was found hidden in rubble. Once Lord Carnarvon had arrived from England, they entered the tomb to find the riches inside.

Beginning the 6th year of searching in the lonely Valley of the Kings, due to the fact no one was still looking for the tomb, Howard Carter - an archeologist from England - was ready for a new approach. Archeologists in his team were looking underneath some rubble. One of the team, Bob Digger, explained that "At the time I thought that I was never going to find the tomb."

Whilst the archeologists were digging away, a water boy, hired by Howard Carter, put his large jar down. As he placed the jar of water down, he stumbled on a strange rock, moving some sand and uncovering a step. David, the water boy, explained that he should have got more credit for finding the step. With the team working as hard as they could, the first door was uncovered on the 4th of November.

Once the first door was uncovered, Howard Carter sent a telegram to Lord Carnarvon, explaining that he had found a tomb. After receiving the telegram, Carnarvon and his daughter took a three week trip to Luxor. Speaking after the trip, Carnarvon reported "I am so glad I took this trip!"

Three weeks later, Lord Carnarvon and his daughter had arrived, so they could finally enter the tomb. Although they could not enter straight away because Howard Carter had put sand on the stairs so no one could enter. Once the sand was removed the lord and Mr Carter were able to enter the tomb to get the riches.

Howard Carter and his team are now moving the contents of the room out.


by Benjamin, year 6