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Eco Council

Here at Holy Trinity CE Primary School we strive to look after the environment and encourage everyone to be as eco-friendly as possible. Each year a new team of eco-warriors is selected from Years 1 to 6 who are supported by some of our members of staff. The Eco Council help the school make decisions and generate ideas for future planning, to increase the school's awareness of how we can be even more considerate of our world. 

The eco council meet once every half term, and are striving to achieve the green flag Eco Schools award. Eco-Schools is an environment education programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey through 9 key areas; energy, water, biodiversity, school grounds, healthy living, transport, litter, waste and global citizenship.







2016 Eco News Spring term


The Eco Club have created their very own ‘Rubbish Monster’ called Garb!





He was entered into a competition run by wakefield council, and was placed in the final! Look out for him in the Ridings shopping centre this Easter.



The children created their own Eco song whilst making Garb the monster


Garb’s Song (to the tune of we will rock you)r

Written by the Eco Club of Holy Trinity C of E Primary School


If you want the world to be o better place,

Throw your rubbish in the litter bin

Recycle paper, cardboard and plastic

Reuse what you can, don’t cause unwanted waste


So put your rubbish, in the bin (in the bin)

put your rubbish, in the bin  (in the bin)


We don’t want litter bugs in our school,

Dropping litter, isn’t cool

Our animals on earth need to be protected,

Dropping litter can kil,l so think think think!


So put your rubbish, in the bin (in the bin)

put your rubbish, in the bin (in the bin)

So put your rubbish, in the bin (in the bin)

put your rubbish, in the bin!!!


A group of children took part in a litter pick, cleaning up our school grounds as part of a campaign called ‘Clean for the Queen’.




5KM went on an Eco trip to South Kirby Eco education centre. They experienced sorting waste, extracting materials and learnt all about the 3Rs.






2015 Eco News Autumn term


The Eco Club have participated in the national British trust for ornithology (bto) campaign "what's under your feet". The children have been digging up soil samples in the school fields, counting and measuring the number of soil invertebrates (animals with no backbones).





The whole school have taken part in “switch it off fortnight” where our children have been given time to think about energy, and why it is important to save it. The classes competed to be the most enthusiastic about saving energy. Miss McHale’s class won the competition, and will be treated to a free school trip to the Waste Minimisation & Recycling Education Centre in March 2016!


The Year 6 Eco Council members took a lead in a whole school competition to design a new Eco Logo. Well done to Katie in Year 5, see our new adopted logo below!